Holstein community honors fallen soldier with street sign

Holstein community honors fallen soldier with street sign. (NTV News)

A local community gave their support to a family who lost a loved one serving our country.

In honor of him, residents dedicated a street to him to keep his memory alive.

To mark the 10th anniversary of Sgt. Wayne Cornell making the ultimate sacrifice for his country, his name has been added to a street sign in Holstein.

"That was something special I wanted to do,” Sgt. Cornell’s mother Patrica Perrie said.

Coming together to honor a fallen soldier and leaving behind family and friends, his mother wanted to do something for the community of Holstein.

"And people said 'why didn't you have it put at your house?' and I thought, well, I wanted it here at Holstein Avenue because he was a volunteer fire department EMT and he went to school here,” said Perrie.

Cornell served for his country, but while living in Holstein he was always there for his community.

"Wayne was always there when we needed him, we didn't have to call him. We were all pager equipped and he was there all the time for us and the community,” Holstein Fire & Rescue Chief Lenny Trausch.

His sister Janalle Gowlovech says she is very grateful for all of the support.

"It amazes me still to this day when the day we had his funeral and the patriotism that was seen in the community and all the people that came out to support Wayne and our family. To still see that it's alive 10 years later to me is amazing and it makes me very proud,” said Gowlovech.

His family says his legacy will always live on throughout the community.

"At least you have that to think about - that he died as a hero you know,” said Perrie.

If you live in Holstein or pass by it, the sign is on the corner of Highway 74 and Holstein Avenue.

The family of Sgt. Cornell say they are very thankful for all of the community's support.

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