Hundreds took the streets of Kearney to support the LGBTQ community

At the march people were waving flags and they held up signs in order to celebrate pride. (NTV News)

Kearney locals took the streets on Saturday afternoon to celebrate the LGBTQ community and take a stance in celebrating pride.

The march happened at the MONA and they walked up 2nd Avenue in Kearney. Celebrations continued in Harmon Park after the march.

"Kearney is actually very accepting. Most of the businesses. We have $2,000 worth of prizes from the city of Kearney. We're blessed,” PFLAG Kearney president Kimberly Ryan said.

At the march people were waving flags and they held up signs to celebrate pride.

"We have a long way to go. I still believe acceptance is not completely there. They may not be out there out on the street corners against us but they are not always there,” PFLAG state coordinator Brian Whitecalf said.

At Harmon Park, music played and performers danced. Food trucks were available as well as a bouncy house for kids to enjoy. Several members of community celebrated and supported each other.

"I feel like I can finally just live and not have to worry about anything and be normal. I can fit in with everybody else,” supporter for the LGBTQ community Kadence Krei said.

One couple said times have changed and you should love people no matter who they are.

"I don't think most but a whole lot more now than they used to. A lot of us went to school with kids who were gay and they didn't know it and they may have not known it at the time. Well that's no longer the case so we had a generation to get used to the notion and a lot of us have decided we were just plain ignorant,” Charles Peek said.

If you would like to know more about PFLAG Kearney, click here for their website.

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