Nebraska families 'wait and pray' for family in hurricane's path

Nebraska families 'wait and pray' for family in hurricane's path. (NTV News)

For those with families in Irma’s pathway, it can be frightening and nerve wracking.

"If you're in an evacuation zone in Florida - you need to get out now. Because this storm is coming. It's not days away- it's hours away now," Governor Rick Scott of Florida said at a press conference Saturday evening.

With Hurricane Irma just hours away, Florida’s governor, Rick Scott, is giving his residents one last warning. Leaving family members across the nation with nothing left to do but to wait and see.

Clifford Thibodeau lives in Shelton, Neb., and has a niece who lives in Lakeland, Fla.

"Harvey was bad, but what I've heard it's nothing compared to Irma," he said.

With thousands already leaving the sunshine state this week, Thibodeau said he doesn't feel his niece is taking it seriously. She’s deciding to wait out the storm.

"She right now, is kind of playing it by ear, which I don't know how well she's planned or if she's planned at all. I'm most concerned about her, because I think she's taking it too lightly," Thibodeau said.

He said he’s only been able to stay in touch with her via Facebook.

"It's frustrating I guess, because there's nothing we can really do except give them our thoughts and prayers," Thibodeau said.

For those who've already experienced Irma’s devastation when it hit Puerto Rico, they know it's only a matter of time.

Kenneth McClintock, former lieutenant governor and former secretary of state in Puerto Rico, said the city of Culebra was one of the most devastating areas hit by Irma.

"Residences have been torn down substantially. Some infrastructure damage. I'm not sure what the schools ended up like. I think they lost most of their cellular towers. We don't have official numbers for what sustained winds and what the gusts were in Culebra, but based on it's proximity to the eye, it was probably in the 150 mile plus range," McClintock said.

And for those in Florida bracing for the hurricane, they say Harvey was just a wakeup call.

"I'm pretty much taking it seriously and just preparing myself for the worst,” Erika Golden, Clearwater, Fla. resident said.

Even thinking of innovative ways to save water.

"I bagged up some little zip lock bags and put water in them. Bagged them, put them in the freezer, so I can freeze them just in case the power goes out I can have ice," Golden said.

Thibodeau said he and his wife will try to call them one more time before the storm hits.

All families can do now is wait and pray.

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