Kearney Public Library develops new strategic plan

According to KPL every 3 years the library has to come up with a strategic plan. (NTV News)

Kearney Public Library is laying out a strategic plan for the new year.

However, the most important component for the decision is what the people of the city want.

According to KPL, every three years the library has to come up with a strategic plan.

Developing a plan lets them know what the community wants.

"One of our goals of course is to make sure we have the materials that people need. We are 2 hours from a major bookstore. You know there's some little bookstores in town that do a lot of really good business, but we really feel like we need to fill that gap with materials,” Kearney Public Library director Matthew Williams said.

The library is allowing people in the area to voice their opinions.

"We try to get the community involved and this time we did a survey. We had 334 respondents and we asked them questions about the library,” said Williams.

With finances and planning, they say community members within the area help.

"A community that really backs us and we have a good community, we have a great city that makes sure that we are provided for,” said Williams

The library found several areas they thought needed to change, including adding more books, more programs and redeveloping their technology.

Four major goals presented were planning to cover more events, providing more materials, aiding the public in job preparation and providing more meeting space.

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