Kearney veterans' home taking shape

Construction is still ongoing and the whole project should be done by the fall of 2018. (NTV News)

The walls are up and the foundation is down. By passing the construction site of the Central Nebraska Veterans' Home in Kearney, you can see that it is halfway done.

Construction is still ongoing and the whole project should be done by the fall of 2018.

“We went in and put all of the utilities in. We got as much as we could done and then we could back off and just let the construction project take care of itself,” Kearney Mayor Stan Clouse said.

Alex Willford, administrator for the Grand Island Veterans' Home, gave NTV a tour of what the new rooms would look like. The Grand Island Veterans' Home has a model room where they give their members a preview of their room.

“I think the things that are exciting for our members is we have a model room in the facility that we were able to show them about the Central Nebraska Veterans' Home.”

Willford says the GI Vets' Home makes it their duty to make their veterans' transition into the new Central Nebraska Veterans Home much easier.

"The other thing that we have is the communication boards that I showed when we came in and we are able to communicate all the new things that are going on, as far as construction buildings as they go up, so a reality of when its coming and going,” said Willford.

The upgrades to the new home will include spacious rooms and rooms that Willford says will feel cozy.

"Oh I'm very excited for the members. I think having a private room, their own private bathroom is going to be a tremendous improvement for our members today,” said Willford.

The mayor of Kearney said this would be good for the Tri-Cities.

"It’s going to be a significant improvement over the current living conditions and it’s just going to be outstanding for Central Nebraska,” said Clouse.

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