Kids' Corner: Farm Safety

Safety tips for the farm

Farms are a place many Nebraskans are familiar with.

And while they are often homes, they are also a work place and can be dangerous for children.

It's a sobering fact that 1 in every 4 children killed on a farm are visitors,” said Extension Educator, Susan Broomfield.

Many kids love farms, open outdoor space with animals and things to get into, but we all know they can get in to trouble lightning fast; so if extra care isn't taken they can be dangerous.

Broomfield says to think of it as if you had a pool in the backyard, "Establish a safe area on your farm. That's usually a fenced in yard that's usually latched in. I think of it like a pool fence. You'd never send your child out into a area where there's a pool without a fence if they were alone. Everything on the farm should be considered dangerous. I know for us it's our house and it's safe but for little kids who just don't understand the dangers they need to be protected from everything on the farm."

Another important rules Broomfield says to establish is proper etiquette around machinery, "The only time you should have a passenger on a tractor is when there's seat for that passenger. When there's only one seat and one seat belt you know it's only made for one person and there shouldn't be a child in there."

And what kids doesn't love farm animals, but they aren't always as harmless as they may seem.

"Kids grow up these illustrated books and these animated movies that make them think that animals are always smiling and happy and talk but that's not the reality. They need to be taught that they are animals and they can be dangerous and they need to stay away," says Broomfield.

And while children that grow up on the farm many learn these rules as common knowledge, Broomfield says for visitors it can be a different story, "You can teach your kids and your preschoolers your household rules and it's important to have those so they grow up having those rules and understand those rules. But you don't know that a visitor will understand those rules and abide by them, especially a little kid."

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