Update: Two teens believed to be responsible for 'Peeping Tom' reports

Kearney Police (KPD) believe they know who is responsible for knocking on doors and looking through windows throughout the last week.

Reported activity has mostly occurred on Avenue I near Dryden Park, between the 3000 and 3300 block. In a Facebook post, police attached the above photo of the person involved.

KPD said they have identified the suspicious person in the video. Police say they believe there are actually two culprits: a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old. At this time, names aren't being released.

Police are now requesting a juvenile petition for disturbance of peace. They say the owners of one Kearney home have called police multiple times to report an unknown man knocking on their doors and running away.

NTV spoke to the owner of the home who says this has been happening since February.

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