Lexington's new housing plans designed to meet the population growth demand

Lexington's new housing plans to meet the population growth demand

Dirt, lumber, and barrels are everywhere as the city of Lexington begins to set up the grounds for numerous single family homes and apartments to be built.

"There's foundation, there's piles of wood that they're going to use to build it," said Lexington Assistant City Manager Dennis Burnside.

Burnside says their plans to build is part of their continuing effort to meet the population growth-driven demand.

"We've had a lot of growth in Lexington. We were the 6th fastest growing city in the State of Nebraska in the 2000 census," said Burnside.

He says there's people with small families and there's those with big ones, which is why they're looking to build an even wider selection.

"Later on some duplexes a lot of variety for people of different needs," said Burnside.

He says often people struggle to find a place to live in Lexington, which is why he says it's not uncommon to have multiple families living under one roof.

"And this is true throughout all of Nebraska and rural USA," said Burnside.

Walls are still left to be put up, but many might still wonder who is paying for this new project.

"The developers are self-funding it. There's some funding and we're helping out with putting up the infrastructure," said Burnside.

He says they also want to make sure everyone living in Lexington can afford housing.

"We are offering lots of low costs in the northwest side of Lexington," said Burnside.

Some of the apartment buildings are set to be completed this fall.

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