Local DACA youth, supporters rally at State Capitol in support of DACA

DACA supporters rally outside of State Capitol Tuesday afternoon (NTV News)

Nearly 3,000 DREAMERS in Nebraska who qualify for the Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals also known as DACA will be affected by the end of the Obama–era program.

Supporters of DACA voiced their concern of the decision made by the Trump administration in rescinding the program. Nebraska DREAMERS and supporters alike rallied outside the steps on the West side of State Capitol expressing their emotions of an uncertain future.

"This morning I woke up unsure of what today was going to bring. I'm mad and I'm sad, but I'm not going to let that get to me," said Zaida a Mexican immigrant and DACA recipient.

Senators Patty Pansing–Brooks and Tony Vargas were among the supporters of DACA youth stating that Nebraska along with the nation would have significant economic and job losses if congress does not act.

"The number one issue for the state chamber is workforce, and I'll tell you what, taking away these fabulous DACA recipients what is that going to do to our workforce? So, we need the energy, we need the innovation.”

According to Nebraska Appleseed the economic losses would be more than $150 million annually in Nebraska alone.

The DACA program is supported from the superintendent of Grand Island Public Schools to the Nebraska Cattlemen.

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