Local farmer experiences crop damage due to hail

Local farmer experiences crop damage due to hail. (NTV News)

Folks in our area experienced severe storms on Tuesday night.

John Dolincek, a Lawrence-area farmer experienced crop damage.

"And I thought boy it's raining really hard and my son says no dad that's hail,” Dolincek said.

Dolincek said as a farmer you can’t really do anything to get ready for this.

"I'm not sure if there is anything you can do to prepare for it. I guess you just try to do all the things that you can agronomical as far as planting the crop and then hopefully you're protected with crop insurance,” Dolincek said.

A local extension educator, Jenny Rees, spent part of the day with Dolincek checking to see if even some soybean plants were still alive.

"The biggest piece of advice we give that it’s just going to take time for those plants to regrow. We say it looks really bad right after the storm but for about 5-7 days you’ll start to see regrowth. Actually what helped us today was the sun and warm weather,” Rees said.

Rees said from the plants she has seen, there is potential for regrowth, but some are already bruised.

"That's not accounted for in the crop insurance information and even in our hail information so unfortunately for now that damage down the road - when we get wind and so forth - those plants may break off later on in the season,” Rees said.

Dolincek said there is always next year and with having damaged crops you just have to wait to see what happens.

"You hope that you don't have to go out here and replant or anything like that. I guess I’m going to do the wait and see, see what plants do survive and what kind of a stand I have,” Dolincek said.

If you have experienced crop damage, you can contact your local extension office.

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