Local manufacturing business reacts to President Trump's new executive order

Local manufacturing business reacts to President Trump's new executive order

President Donald Trump signed a new executive order on Tuesday.

"Buy American and Hire American," said President Trump.

Those words central to his Presidential campaign, but now it'll ensure federal dollars are going towards buying American made products.

".... To maximize made in America content...," President Trump said.

Here in central Nebraska, Burges Well Company is a manufacturing company based out of Minden. The company specializes in fiber glass products.

The vice president of the company Jade Lammers says he believes the changes will not affect their business.

"Guess I believe that it's very important that we continue to buy American products to keep our economy stimulated and give out one of the highest quality products that is available in the world market as well," Lammers said.

He believes it will stimulate the economy. Lammers said many companies prefer buying American made products.

"I believe the quality is much higher based on American made products as well and a lot of our clients prefer that," he said.

Lammers said he can't speak for other manufacturing companies in the U.S. but can understand why others decide not to buy and hire American.

"One of the benefits from outside the United States is that they are inexpensive products as well,” Lammers said. “That also becomes one of the challenges in the foreign market as well because other people can't compete with better pricing."

Locals in the area NTV spoke with said they believe the new order will bring good changes.

"I think Mr. Trump is doing a good job," said Minden resident Jerry Spellman.

He also added, "I think it needs to be more competitive here, but I think we should look to buy at home first.”

The order also making it more difficult for companies to hire outside of the United States.

"We need to get Americans back to work, but they also need to want to work,” said a Minden man who wished to remain anonymous.

Burges Well Company says most people are surprised to find out all of their products are made in their Minden location

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