Local Red Cross Helps with Irma Relief Efforts


Hurricane Irma was downgraded to a tropical storm over Florida Monday morning.

The monster storm hammered much of Florida with roof ripping winds and causing widespread power outages.

Hurricane Irma first made landfall in Florida Sunday at a category four status, measuring 400 miles wide with winds of up to 130 MPH.

Monday morning crews from the Nebraska Public Power District made their way to Florida to help with relief efforts.

NTV talked with Rachelle Lipker, American Red Cross Executive Director for Central and Western Nebraska. Lipker said local volunteers are helping with relief efforts.

"Overnight an estimated 32,000 in 6 states and in Puerto Rico and in the Virgin Islands in 510 evacuation centers. That's just an amazing amount of people. So we're really glad they're taking the advice of their local governments," said Lipker.

She told NTV News that people can help by giving a monetary donation or by donating blood.

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