Local school helps Harvey victims with 'Houston Bowl'

Lutheran South Academy when Hurricane Harvey (Courtesy).

Although the country has its eyes on the devastation in Florida, those in Houston recovering from Hurricane Harvey, still need a helping hand. One Grand Island high school is doing just that by holding a football game that gives proceeds to a school affected by Harvey.

"Just seeing their posts and devastation of their school, we wanted to do something to let them know we're thinking and praying for about them," Principal Timothy Leech, Heartland Lutheran High School said.

Hurricane Harvey may have ripped through Houston weeks ago, but for schools like Lutheran South Academy in Houston, they may not be getting back into their school until after Christmas.

Hurricane Harvey left behind so much damage that Principal Leech at Heartland Lutheran said he’s spoken with the Lutheran South principal and their school can’t be used. According to Leech, they are finishing the semester at a local church.

With water filling the hallways and ceilings caved in, almost everything from the fourth floor and below has to be replaced at Lutheran South.

Thursday, Heartland Lutheran High is extending a hand by hosting the "Houston Bowl," a football game that'll raise money for Lutheran South Academy.

"All proceeds from the gate, from the meal that's being served, football fundraiser, and also we have some raffle tickets that'll be going to Lutheran south directly," Leech said.

The Heartland staff said it doesn't matter what race, or religion, as Americans, when tragedy strikes, helping others is the right thing to do.

"The prayers we can send. It's the small money we can help contribute to help them grow and help them recover, and anything can help. If we can do our part and everyone can do a little part, it adds up to make a big part," Josh Holden, Heartland Lutheran teacher said.

Head football coach at Heartland Lutheran, Preston Gehle, said this event not only helps Lutheran South, but it's also a learning tool for his athletes.

"To also use it to help teach our kids that there is something more important than us just playing this field. You know, we're using it to help teach our kids. It's priceless. The effort you can get to show them, and down the road it helps build them; it's worth every second of it," Gehle said.

The Houston Bowl kicks off at 7 p.m. Thursday at Heartland Lutheran High. Both Heartland Lutheran and Riverside High schools will assist in the fundraising.

If you can’t make it to the game but want to donate, you can also mail in checks to Heartland Lutheran. The address is 3900 W Husker Highway, Grand Island, NE, 68803.

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