Man, 23, arrested in April killing of Grand Island man

Ahmed Said, 23, Hall County Jail (NTV News).

What was called a suspicious scene back in April, quickly turned into a Grand Island murder investigation.

Wednesday, police said they have reason to believe they've caught the man responsible for the death of Abdulma Khamis.

Wednesday morning, 23 year-old Ahmed Said, appeared in Hall County court, where he was already being held in the county jail on charges in an unrelated case.

On April 14, the Grand Island Police Department responded to a scene which they called "suspicious,"

They discovered the unresponsive body of homeless man, Abdulma Khamis, near a downtown Grand Island home.

Police said 41 year–old Abdulma Khamis was struck in the head with a metal object back in April, which caused him to die days later due to his injuries.

A week later, police called it a murder investigation.

Said faces two charges. One alleges murder in the second degree and the other is for use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony.

"You used a deadly weapon other than a firearm to commit a felony. It alleges you used a metal object to commit murder in the second degree. That is a class two felony and carries the possible penalties of not less than one or 50 years," Judge Arthur Wetzel said.

GIPD told NTV they can only discuss minimal details on this case.

"We're not going to talk about a lot of details to the case. We are concerned with Mr. Said's right to have a fair and impartial trial, but what I can say is we have cause to believe that he killed Khamis by striking him in the head with a blunt object," GIPD Captain Duering said. "It alleges on April 12th, 2017, and April 19th, 2017, between those dates, that you did then and there intentionally and maliciously, but without premeditation, kill Abdulma Khamis."

Police looked through Said's phone records in which he had been searching topics like, "Abdulma Khamis at St. Francis Hospital, Grand Island Nebraska, what happens after someone gets hit in the head with a metal pole, what happens inside your body when you get hit hard enough to black out," Sarah Carstensen, from the County Attorney’s Office, read in court.

According to court records, police even found a letter Said wrote to a friend. As seen in the letter, the two men, Said and Khamis, had gotten into a fight near the MSAS Auto Dealership (blocks away from where Khamis was found unconscious).

In the letter, Said talks about the car dealership having surveillance cameras and that the man he told him (the friend he wrote to) about, has now died.

"He also indicates that he wants the individual to check the quality of the cameras and 'if they work, it's a done deal for me because that's where it all happened,'" Carstensen read again.

According to the court records, police looked at the video from the surveillance cameras which showed some of the altercation between Said and Khamis.

Said's preliminary hearing is set for July 28. His bond is set at $1 million.

He is facing no less than 20 years and no more than life for the first count and no less than 1 or more of 50 years imprisonment for the second.

He stated in court that he does plan to get his own lawyer. If convicted, charges must be served consecutively.

The information was initially reported here.

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