Museum's 'playschool play day' gets young minds excited for total eclipse

Museum's 'playschool play day' gets young minds excited for total eclipse. (NTV News)

Educators at the Hastings Museum got even the youngest minds excited for August's total eclipse.

They did it by teaching 4- and 5-year-olds about how the eclipse works through hands-on projects on Saturday.

With simple activities like drawing the sun and covering it with construction paper and practicing wearing protective eyewear when viewing the eclipse, educators say teaching kids through hands on activities can help them learn.

"I think just the fascination that's around us will be pretty awesome, just to get one kid pretty excited about the eclipse will be pretty fun," said Hastings Museum's Katie Karr. "I mean this is the only time they're going to see it like I said unless they go to another country so if they can kinda get revved up about it get to view it."

Hastings Museum will host a couple other eclipse-themed activities leading up to the big day on August 21.

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