Nathan Detroit's is closing, but some memories made there will last a lifetime

Sign at Nathan Detroit's, Downtown Grand Island.

Nathan Detroit’s has been somewhat of a landmark in Grand Island.

Some say the memories made behind the pub's doors were more than just good laughs and good drinks.

As one chapter closes for a restaurant, more than 20 years ago, beyond the train tracks in downtown Grand Island, a love story unfolded: How Mark and Dianne Means met.

"Actually my wife and I, our first date was her working here at Nathan Detroit's and me watching from up on the balcony," Mark Means, Dianne’s husband, said.

"That was 29 years ago and she's been working here ever since and I've been eating here ever since," said Mark.

Nathan Detroit’s has been a part of downtown Grand Island far before it was called Railside. The owner says it was a tough decision to close the restaurant, but he's excited to watch Railside grow.

As one last goodbye, the restaurant had it's last open mic night. Mark and his wife Dianne, who are in a band together, performed.

For the Means couple, they've shared countless memories together– even anniversaries.

"It's really sad, I mean the building, we love the place. We love the people and so many of the friends we've made over the years just through the restaurant and through playing here the last couple years. It's a huge part of downtown Grand Island," Mark said.

Now that the Nathan Detroit’s era is coming to an end, it's making way for a brewery new to Grand Island: Kinkaider Tap Room and Kitchen. Sometime after April 1st, when Nathan Detroit’s closes its doors, Kinkaider will open theirs.

For Mark, he said it's bittersweet.

"One hand I'm sad, but I'm also excited that new energy is coming in and the building isn't going away. It's not often that you get a chance to say goodbye to one of your favorite places and we have the opportunity to do that," Means said.

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