Nebraska Fire School comes to Grand Island

Nebraska firemen learning rescue skills at 80th Annual Nebraska Fire School (NTV News).

Firefighters in Grand Island are battling blazes and putting pencils to paper at the 80th-annual Nebraska Fire School.

"We want them to have confidence; we want them to have fun at the same time, but we want them to learn as much as possible to take back to their departments," Darin Lintner, State Fire Marshall, said.

That's what the weekend is all about for the more than 1,000 firefighters and EMS responders who came to train at fire school.

"Being better than when they came in. We get a little better every day," he said.

The 31 classes throughout the weekend cover firemanship, fire investigation, rescue, fire safety, leadership and fire prevention.

"We don't dictate what they go to. There are gentlemen that've been coming here for years. They get in a different class or they take the same class over, a couple years later, find out what's new. The fire service is always changing so we have to adapt and keep coming up with knew things," Lintner said.

The school allows them to get hands-on practice, like putting out a live propane fire.

In this part of the country, typically, there are more volunteer firefighters than career ones.

One of those volunteers is Amanda Schure, who joined the Paxton Fire Department more than a year ago.

"Joining the volunteer fire department is probably one of the best experiences I've ever had," she said.

She said the live fire training allows newbies, like herself, to develop more confidence in the field and that the outcome of serving in such a dangerous field can be rewarding.

"You get a little bit of adrenaline from it, but you also feel wonderful walking away from something that you know you could've helped somebody's home, or protect what could've been a very bad situation, so it's a good feeling," Schure said.

The classes continue through Sunday.

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