Nebraska Task Force 1 ready for water, land, collapse rescues

Nebraska Task Force 1 ready for water, land, collapse rescues. (Nebraska Task Force 1)

Nebraska Task Force 1 is standing by in Florida, ready to begin search and rescue operations.

The team of 80 is part of 1,300 FEMA search and rescue members staged across Florida and the Caribbean.

The Nebraska task force got to Eglin Air Force Base Saturday afternoon after the 22-hour trip from Lincoln.

On Sunday, team leaders said that arriving before the storm hit put them in a better position to help people as soon as possible.

"the best thing to do when you see a storm or this magnitude coming, and it's predictable, is to put the resources in position you can to address the issue," said Jim Bopp, battalion chief for Lincoln Fire and Rescue, and task force leader for Nebraska Task Force 1.

At last check, Nebraska Task Force 1 has not yet been assigned a mission.

They could be asked to fly around the storm and help where it has already hit, or wait for Irma to pass and then begin operations.

The team is prepared for water, land and building-collapse rescues.

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