Nebraskans react to new pipeline route proposal

Nebraskans have mixed reactions on a new permit application for a Keystone XL Pipeline route.

TransCanada submitted the request to the Nebraska Public Service Commission on Thursday.

Bold Nebraska said they will continue to fight the project.

"We are happy to see TransCanada actually following the law and our state constitution for the first time in the seven-year battle over Keystone XL," said Jane Kleeb, President of the Bold Alliance. "Keystone XL is a foreign-owned pipeline, using foreign steel headed to the foreign export market. Bold continues to stand with farmers and ranchers to protect property rights from being infringed upon by a pipeline for their private gain. Keystone XL is and always will be all risk and no reward."

Bold Nebraska said the process is far from over, saying it can take eight months to a year to complete the Public Service Commission process. They said TransCanada also cannot apply to use eminent domain until September 2017.

The group said many landowners are still in court suing TransCanada for the money they have already spent on attorneys and court costs battling eminent domain for over six years.

Meanwhile, Americans for Prosperity – Nebraska is asking the commission to quickly approve the route application.

They said the state has already waited nearly a decade for the project to bring jobs and affordable energy to the state. Bold has said the pipeline would bring minimal temporary jobs to Nebraska.

AFP-Nebraska State Director Matt Litt released the following statement:

"I am happy to see that TransCanada has reapplied to begin construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. AFP encourages the Nebraska Public Service Commission to quickly review and approve the request to begin construction of the pipeline, which will undoubtedly increase job opportunities and access to more affordable energy for Nebraskans and the entire country."

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