Nebraskans respond to data breach


A Nebraska State Senator is demanding free credit monitoring for those affected by a data breach that affected nearly half the country.

Senator Adam Morfeld said in a letter to Equifax that their response is insufficient.

He's also asking in the letter to the credit reporting company to comply with state law and reach out to Nebraskans impacted by the breach.

The breach was announced Thursday and exposed sensitive information of about 143-million Americans.

Senator Morfeld said he's introducing a proposal next session requiring credit agencies to provide free credit monitoring for life when a breach occurs.

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson also released a statement following the Euifax breach.

"Due to the number of consumer data breaches that have occurred over the last several years, it is imperative that Nebraska consumers be proactive in protecting their financial information. Because the Nebraska number is so high for those impacted by the Equifax breach, I would encourage everyone to act immediately to see if their identity information was part of the breach, and if so, take these recommended steps," Peterson said.

In a statement from the Attorney Generals office, Equifax is offering one year of free credit monitoring and identity theft protection services to ALL consumers, regardless of whether or not your information was involved in the breach.

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