Kearney High students setting the bar for ACT test taking


Nebraska students are above the national average on the ACT exam.

Nebraska scored a composite score of 21.4 on the test, which is higher than the national average of 21.

The highest score someone can get on the ACT is 36.

Kearney High is one of those schools in the Nebraska who is setting the bar.

In each subject area, Kearney High scored higher than the state average in all tests but English.

Associate Superintendent Jason Mundorf said for the first time Nebraska tested all juniors in high school instead of it being optional.

Also, sophomores take the ACT prep test that gives diagnostic information on how they scored.

As an overall composite score, Kearney High scored 22.0, ahead of the state and national average according to Superintendent Mundorf.

"There are several students who maybe never thought about going to college, but now having taken that test and seeing how well they do, do go on and look at college placement and college opportunities," said Mundorf.

Other plans the district has is to have students take more rigorous college preparatory classes so they can be prepared for the questions on the test.

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