Neighbor reacts to home invasion in Hastings

Neighbor reacts to home invasion in Hastings

"We've been living in this house for 65 years," said Hastings resident Lucy Parr.

For over half a century, Parr has gotten to know her neighbors really well.

"I know that house and that house," Parr said.

She said she's always felt safe in her part of town.

"The neighborhood is always quiet," Parr said.

But early Sunday morning, two of Parr's neighbors, a couple in their 70s... now becoming the center of an active investigation.

Parr, who knows the wife, says she can't believe this happened to someone so kind.

"She organized a day of cards at the church hall," Parr said.

Hastings police said the couple reported they were sleeping and were woken up by a young black man wearing a hoodie.

They said he was standing in the doorway demanding money while pointing a rifle at them.

Parr says she's frustrated people had to do this to her neighbors.

"Go earn your money if you need money!" Parr said.

The man managed to get away with cash and other valuables. The couple says a second man then entered the house, also wearing a hoodie, asking where his accomplice was and fled the scene.

"Why at a young age do that to get in trouble with the law?” Parr said.

Hasting Police describe the men as 5'6” to 5'8” in height.

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