New award honors couple of their support of addiction recovery

Ron and Ardis Wiese were honored with new award in CNCAA's 50th year (NTV News)

Always let them hear you smile.

That's the advice of Ron Wiese, who’s celebrating 42 years of sobriety.

He and his wife Ardis are the inaugural winners of a new award at the Central Nebraska Council on Alcoholism and Addictions.

Ron and Ardis are longtime volunteers, and say they have embraced the cause.

Ardis said, “When our family gets involved in a group, it became our way of life. We don't think of it any other way. If there's a need, we step in and help out. That's just part of our lifestyle.”

The award is named after Don Marquard. He was an elected leader and recovering alcoholic who helped form the organization, and told Wiese he needed to straighten his life out.

This year CNCAA celebrates its 50th anniversary.

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