Overton couple plans to honor Vietnam veterans at local memorial

One Overton couple is finalizing plans to honor those who fought in the Vietnam War. (NTV News)

One Overton couple is finalizing plans to honor those who fought in the Vietnam War.

Members of the Overton community will gather at the Overton Veteran Memorial at 10 a.m. on Monday honoring those who fought in the Vietnam War. They will raise the United States of America war commemoration flag.

"Overton is a very small town, and it's an honor to fly the flag,” said Irene Anderson.

Korean War Veteran Elmer Anderson said he was supposed to put the flag in his backyard. However, he decided to have it fly at the Veteran’s Memorial right below the American flag.

"I belong to the Mariner/Marlin Association and they volunteered to do something for the commemoration so they purchased this special flag and they intend to have it flown it in every state,” Elmer said.

Overton is the only city in Nebraska that was asked to take part in this special ceremony. Both Elmer and his wife Irene have been planning this together for the community.

"So he went to the village board and got their okay to fly the flag and then we thought we had to figure out a time to do it and of course had to get a lot of Vietnam veterans,” Irene said.

The couple went through old photo albums reminiscing about the times working on the Veteran’s Memorial. Both of them also gathered the community together to help build the memorial located on the side of Highway 30.

This is a very sentimental topic for the Anderson family. Irene has always been Elmer’s support system.

"Very proud. We were married two years when he was in the service before we got married and then two years married after,” Irene said.

If you know of any veteran that you would like to honor, you can put their name on the memorial wall. For more information, you can contact the Village of Overton.

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