Rep. Smith among top Trump defenders with campaign pledge

Rep. Smith among top Trump defenders with campaign pledge. (NTV News)

The Committee to Defend the President released their scorecard of the top President Trump Defenders in the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday, according to a press release.

The committee announced four representatives who have shown their support of the president, and his agenda 100 percent of the time. The committee pledged a $40,000 campaign to both thank the representatives and ensure their re-election.

The representatives are as follows:

  • Chris Collins R - New York
  • Chuck Fleischmann R - Tennessee
  • John Ratcliffe R - Texas
  • Adrian Smith R - Nebraska

The committee will be contributing maximum campaign contributions of $5,000 to all four representatives, as well as spending a total of $20,000 in advertisements across the representative's districts.

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