Sen. Lowe: Essential medical programs will not suffer following budget vote

Nebraska Legislature (NTV News)

Senator John Lowe is speaking out about recent line item budget vetoes Governor Rickets introduced last week and the votes undertaken by the legislature.

“I know many individuals are worried based on what they have heard about these line item budget vetoes, I wanted to go on the record to alleviate these concerns,” said Senator Lowe in a press release on Monday. “It is important that Nebraskans have all of the facts and the most important fact is that none of these reductions to the medical programs will lead to across-the-board rate reductions.”

Lowe, who represents District 37, said many of the divisions running these programs have already identified wasteful practices that, when addressed, will offset the reductions. He said essential programs and operations will not suffer.

“Senators have an obligation to the citizens of this great state to not run a deficit, and it is an obligation that I take very seriously,” Lowe said. “I am proud to support a budget that keeps the state government living within its means while also ensuring that the neediest among us are taken care of.”

To learn more about the concerns voiced after the budget vote, click here.

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