SolFest kicks off with NASA astronaut

SolFest kicks off with NASA astronaut. (NTV News)

The Hastings community is celebrating their day in the sun this weekend by hosting four days worth of art and culture - just in time for the eclipse.

The four-day festival kicked off Friday with the SolFest gala, featuring retired NASA astronaut and Nebraska native Clay Anderson.

Officials said this weekend's activities tie into the community's iconic areas and that it also celebrates the city as a whole.

"SolFest is here in Hastings specifically for the solar eclipse which is going to be a great weekend of opportunity for folks in Hastings to hear music, have good food and do wonderful things in preparation for the total eclipse," said Clayton Anderson. "So I'm very honored they would ask me to come back and be a kickoff speaker at the gala."

"SolFest is unique in the sense that it doesn't just celebrate the eclipse," said SolFest Director Kayla Nelson. "It's not just a big party it's something that people can really see our community, see the personality of our businesses, see ultimately who we are and who we want to become."

SolFest continues Saturday with a music-fest at Brickyard Park and an "Art and Sol" art-fest downtown on Sunday.

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