St. Patrick's Day continues in the town of O'Neill


Talk about the luck of the Irish- the city of O’Neill celebrated St. Patrick ’s Day with an entire weekend of festivities.

It wasn’t just a three day weekend, it was a shamrock packed week that started off on Wednesday with "Irish Walk of Fame." Then, the painting of the world's largest shamrock that runs through the middle of their town. They even sprayed painted horses green, had a fun run, a parade, some people even traveled hours just to be a part of this fun weekend.

O’Neill is known for being the Irish capital of Nebraska and having the world’s largest shamrock. The town of roughly 4,000 people is home to the largest shamrock in the world.

However, for most people who are from the small town, they say O’Neill is more than just that.

"They're all people who care for one another. The small town community environment is what we like about it-yeah," Anthony Akinde said.

For others, well they said the O’Neill St. Paddy’s Day celebration was on their bucket list. That’s right, the tiny town of O’Neill was big enough to go on someone’s bucket list.

"It's a bucket list of a buddy of mine. Loaded up a bus and brought ten people out here- five couples...just have a good time-fun deal," Steve Hanel, who came from Omaha said.

Hanel and his friends came on a bus from Omaha just to experience the Irish holiday in the Irish town of O’Neill.

They even had dodgeball and basketball games where some huskers football players even got to join in on some competitive fun. For many, the pinnacle was the parade.

"It was like small town Nebraska. You saw the cars, the motorcycles, the BMW club, the Lions club, it was really fun to see all that," Hanel said.

After the parade was over the entire town tried to fit in the shamrock. It may be the largest in the world, but it wasn't quite big enough to fit them all in it.

For those thinking of going to next year's St. Patrick's Day celebration, Hanel gave some advice.

"Just get out of town and do some really fun things that you might not be in the big city-go out and experience small town Nebraska," Hanel said.

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