Student Honors Art Show underway at MONA

Student art exhibit at the MONA (KHGI)

If you are looking for something to do this week, consider visiting the Museum of Nebraska Art.

The annual Kearney High School Visual Honors Art Exhibit opened on Tuesday. It features multiple galleries of students' art work.

"They take several different pieces from different classes and different projects that people do and they pick the best of the best and display it," said graphic designer junior Sydney Aistrope.

"I think it's a really big honor because MONA is such a really established art museum," said visual arts junior Emily Frieden. "So it's really cool to see stuff that I've made in such a cool place."

It features 387 pieces, created by 135 students, each one unique.

"The one act poster is dark and stormy and it has a large moon with a ship on the middle, and then it says Kearney One Act, Peter and the Star Catcher," said Aistrope.

For some, like Trinity Burton, it is the first year they are having their art work displayed.

"It's great," said Burton. "It makes me feel great about my art. That somebody actually likes it enough to put it up."

For others, it is an annual tradition.

"I've had stuff from when I was like little in elementary school to kind of like now," said Frieden. "So, it's kind of cool to see how I've grown as an artist throughout the years."

For many of the students, it took days or even longer to create a single piece.

"It took like three weeks," said Burton. "It took a long time and it's very stressful to put together all the pieces and keep it all together and not break while you're creating it."

They hope to see a large crowd at the museum this week.

"I have my meaning behind how I created it but I want to see what they think about it and what they feel when they see it," said Burton.

The student exhibit is open now through 5 p.m. today through Sunday.

"I hope they can see how much talent we have at Kearney High," said Frieden. "There's lot of really talented kids that have made really cool things throughout their classes and get to see all your friends and how they've really shown their selves in the different art that's displayed."

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