Vital Signs: Big changes in Medicine

Vital Signs: Medicine has changed over the years. (NTV News)

This week Nebraskans are celebrating quite the birthday.

A lot has changed since Nebraska became a state 150 years ago especially medically.

"So back in the 1860's it was not good. You either survived or you wouldn't," said Dr. Richard Fruehling, Grand Island Physician.

Many didn't make it.

A minor miracle if an 1860's Nebraskan made it to sixty.

Dr. Fruehling should know.

A longtime Grand Island physician,his hobby is Nebraska medical history.

"So doctors were prognosticators. More than treating people with therapeutics," said Dr. Freuhling.

Remember there were no antibiotics until 1930, infectious disease at this time a real killer.

Tuberculosis was a death sentence so was pneumonia and childbirth was extremely dicey.

"Having a baby was a huge risk.There were no antibiotics to treat people," said Dr. Fruehling.

Some of the treatments to take a stab at like removing infections would make your skin crawl.

Doctors would be constantly on the move.

"The house call at this time was still the way most care got delivered," said Dr. Fruehling.

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