Y102 hosts 'One for the Heroes,' giving thanks to first reponders

Y102 radio station serving food to first responders at Russ's Market, in Hastings. (NTV News)

Y102 and Compass Roofing teamed up to serve those who serve across Nebraska on Wednesday.

"One For the Heroes" is an event set up by NRG radio stations and local sponsors to salute first responders by giving them a free lunch and dinner.

They could stop by one of three tri–city locations to grab a burger, hot dog, and a drink. The food was open to everyone, but non – first responders had to pay for a plate. Proceeds will go to the families of first responders.

"They sit down at the dinner table, whether it's Christmas, Thanksgiving... ring–ring... guess what they got to do? They got to leave and take care of somebody who's in trouble. We want to thank them all. We decided to do put this on for the tri–cities to give awareness. And we hoped it would start here and move over the entire country because these people really need our appreciation,” Lew Tapia, of NRG Media, said.

The food tents were at the Grand Island Super Saver, Grand Central Apple Market in Kearney, and Russ’s Market in Hastings.

The radio station said this is an event they hope to have annually.

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