NTV's Athletes of the Week

Aurora's girls cross country wins the 2016 Class B state cross country championship (NTV News)

NTV's Athlete of the Week a unique group.

14 kids from 4 different schools, all with one thing in common.

They were part of a state championship at the Nebraska high school cross country meet.

And they're off at the Nebraska state cross country championships.

Jonna Bart of Aurora staying at the front of the pack. The other Huskies right on her tail in the Class B race.

"Just go out, treat it like a normal race, and just push hard to the finish," said Bart.

Class C and it's Minden's Aidan Wheelock settling in nicely. 4th place through the first mile, climbing to the front by mile 2.

"Class B and D, the two front runners, they just died off at the front, so my dad was like, 'Don't do that or else that's going to happen to you,'" Wheelock recalled.

And a group of 4 Dusters stirring up a storm in the top 21 spots through the first mile.

Ainsworth freshman Rylee Rice leading the girls Class D pace as she hits the mile mark and only getting faster.

"I just kind of picked up my pace a little bit," said Rice.

Does she ever! Rice pulling away down the stretch. 20 lengths. 23 lengths. Rice nearly 40 seconds quicker than the field.

The first female individual champ in school history.

"I think it ranks pretty high," Rice sheepishly concedes.

Minden's Wheelock finishing with a mile pace of 5:23 and a victorious finger goes skyward.

"I just couldn't control myself at that point," Wheelock chirped.

Gavin Klein and Tyler Peterson for a 7–8 finish, five young lads from Holdrege in the Top 24, they only needed the top four times.

And the Huskies slam the door on their race, bringing Aurora its 4th girls crown, second most in Class B history.

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