Diaco confronts reports of skipping media session

Bob Diaco (right) shouts instructions to the Huskers defense during the Red-White spring game, April 15, 2017 (KHGI)

For those who missed it, Bob Diaco skipped out on the media session after Saturday's 43–36 win, a rarity for coordinators at Nebraska.

He addressed the situation Monday by saying Riley told him he didn't need to attend.

Diaco also said it took him a long time to get down the freight elevator from the press box, and by the time he got to the locker room, no one was there. He says it was at least an hour from the time he got to the locker room until he slipped by the media.

Diaco finished his approximately three minutes of addressing the topic with the strong statement in the video above.

He also reflected on the defense’s performance in the win against Arkansas State. Diaco outlined how the defensive staff aims to analyze game film.

“We don’t really talk about statistics,” Diaco said. “We try to build the plan to keep the points down so at the end of the game, we have one more point than our opponent. That’s the defensive objective: to defend the opponent’s scoreboard and how we need to win the game.”

Diaco also shared his thoughts on the Blackshirts’ overall performance Saturday.

“We built a game plan, articulated it to the players, they did a wonderful job in game one putting it together,” Diaco said. “They were fantastic, just like they’ve been since the moment I met them. I’ve heard conversations from other people about all kinds of stuff. We have really, really wonderful young men, they’re talented. There’s some inexperience, but they’re going to gain valuable experience. They gained valuable experience on Saturday evening."

Following the win over Arkansas State, Diaco added that the defense did a great job turning the page on Monday to begin preparations for Saturday's game at Oregon.

“The work we got done today was just great,” Diaco said. “The coaching that they had the chance to get, they were totally locked in and excited. When you can win a football game and then get all of that stuff coached, that’s the best.”

Nebraska and Oregon play at approximately 3:30 p.m. CT on KFXL Fox Nebraska.

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