Broncos Football Split

Broncos OL practice stance.

Hastings College started their first week of football practice.

Something different coach Tony Harper does is separating the freshmen from the upperclassmen.

This gives the new comers a chance to show what they got without being in the shadows of the returning starters.

The Broncos priority was working on their blocking up front, plus getting the new QB's and running backs working on handoffs.

A creative system that allows Harper to see what all his players can do.

"Reason we're doing that is so everybody can get equal reps," Harper said. "Doesn't matter to us, a vet is naturally going to work to the front of the line, a rookies going to naturally work to the back."

"When you bring everybody out here they're not getting a chance to show what they can do," Harper continued. "You may get one or two reps and then move on."

This separation however has no affect on the practice being different. What the upperclassmen do through the freshmen must go through to.

"The practice we had this morning with the vets is the same exact practice and schedule right down to the end of practice when the horn blows for the guys," Harper said. "The reason we do it a little bit slower with the rookies is we give them an opportunity to maybe slow down the practice and coach them up," Harper continued. "When the vets are out here we expect them to click with it."

Not much time for the Broncos in training camp. They kick–off week one Aug. 26th at the University of Jamestown.

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