Lopers New Luncheon Downtown

UNK fans at Lopers football. 

UNK athletics are starting a new tradition with their annual Luncheon.

Starting August 29th fans can enjoy Lunch at the Cunningham's Journal in downtown Kearney with UNK players and coaches.

Fans can expect to hear from different Lopers staff every week on upcoming games and latest news.

A new tradition Assistant Athletic Director Josh Jorgensen says, brings the community all together.

"We'll probably break down some film and bring some student athletes down there so fans can the different student athletes from the different teams," Jorgensen said. "Each week we'll probably have a different set of coaches, football will probably be a staple each week," Jorgensen continued. "But otherwise we'll also bring down Volleyball at times and soccer, cross country."

UNK fans can also look forward to hearing from the players on what's going on in the Lopers athletic family. For upcoming games, previous games, and the latest news.

"With the student athletes it's always good to get them in front of the fans so that they know who they are," Jorgensen said. "They don't just see them with the helmet on all the time, they know that kid and they'll really know that hey that's who we're cheering for now."

This new Lopers Luncheon is scheduled to go on all school year long. It continues every Tuesday from noon to 1:00 PM.

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