UNK quarterback competition heating up

UNK QB Steve Worthing calls out the signals during a recent practice. (NTV News)

Nebraska not the only team having an open competition under center. UNK splitting reps between not 1, not 2, but 5 different quarterbacks this spring.

Lopers returning experience at the position in 4th year sophomores Steve Worthing and Ryan McFarlin. The competition beginning to heat up with the spring game almost a week away. Despite the musical chairs at the position, players and coaches pleased with how the QB's have executed.

"It flows smoothly," said senior running back Luke Quinn. "We've got two guys on our blue teams which is our starting team and then we have two guys on the yellow team. It runs smoothly."

" Here in the next week we really need to narrow it down where the same guys are working the same meshes with the running back," said head coach Josh Lynn. "Just getting a little more comfortable with each other."

You can catch the different faces battling for the starting position next Saturday at UNK's spring game. Kickoff set for 11:30 am from Foster Field.

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