Danger get back to fundamentals after consecutive losses

Members of the Nebraska Danger roster work on fundamentals at practice(NTV News)

The Nebraska Danger dropping their second straight on contest on Saturday, crushed at the hands of Iowa, 48–14.

The loss dropping Nebraska to third place in the Intense conference standings.

A lot of damage in the loss, was self–inflicted. Nebraska turning the ball over 5 times.

Returning to the practice field Tuesday afternoon, Nebraska using this week to put a greater focus on the fundamentals.

"Like we explained to the players, if we have the quarterback tackled for a 1–yard gain, he shouldn't get 7," said head coach Hurtis Chinn. "You know what I mean? If we have a defensive lineman not rushing and he bats the ball at the line, we should do something to stop him from going up in the air. Just little detail things like that to make us a cohesive unit everyone has to fix."

The Danger are opening up the Heartland Events Center doors again Saturday, 7 pm, against the Salt Lake City Screaming Eagles. Nebraska defeating SLC in the opener, 78–47.

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