Danger staff adjusts to coaching against opposing fans

The Nebraska Danger opening the season with a 78–47 win over the Salt Lake City Screaming Eagles.

Salt Lake is one of several IFL organizations being run by a company called FANchise.

One of the oddities for Eagle fans - they get to use an app to pick the teams' plays.

Danger coach Hurtis Chinn says coaching against them didn't feel different than any other game.

There is one thing different about the Screaming Eagles, though. Their QB has an earpiece to hear play calls relayed from the app.

"The communication from the quarterback to the coach was expedited process because he didn't have to run to the coach and go back to the huddle versus us," Chinn says. "So he just got to kind of stay in the huddle and stay on the field and communicate through the helmet, which is something that is kind of an advantage."

Chinn says he reached out to IFL commissioner Michael Allshouse to discuss the topic. Allshouse told Chinn the topic was something which would need to be looked into, Chinn says.

The Heartland Events Center opens the doors for the first time in 2017 when the Danger step into Eihusen Arena, Saturday, February 25th, at 7:05 p.m. CT against Wichita Falls.

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