IFL: Second Championship Loss to Storm Disappointing for Danger


The Sioux Falls Storm will be moving to a new facility next year, so their decisive 63-46 United Bowl victory Saturday night ended their team’s time in the Sioux Falls Arena on a high note. Of course their win is the Nebraska Danger’s loss, and the team says it’s a hard one to take.

For the fourth year in a row, the Storm held up the Indoor Football League’s top trophy, becoming the first team in IFL history to be four-peat champions. It was also the second year in a row they won the biggest game of the season against the Nebraska Danger.

“Just frustrating, to work this hard and go through this much adversity with injuries all season and come up a little short again, it’s just disheartening a little bit,” says Danger head coach Mike Davis.

The bowl game was the third match up between the teams this year, with the Storm winning both regular season games.

“I mean we know what they’re going to do and they know what we’re going to do, it just comes down to what [Defensive Back] Pig Brown’s been saying this whole week leading up to it – we just have to make more plays, and we just didn’t,” says Danger quarterback Jameel Sewell.

After emerging from the locker room, Sewell said he didn’t do enough for his team, but he still threw for 187 yards and five touchdowns in the loss. Danger General Manager Mike McCoy says it’s impressive because Sewell played with a hurt shoulder during the title game.

Players like Brown say injuries haunted the team before the championship too.

“What we had to overcome this season, it was epic, but just unfortunate that we came up short tonight,” says Brown.

With 2014 in the books, Davis says they’ll start moving forward.

“Hopefully it’ll re-motivate a few guys, especially the guys that I want back and that being said, we’ll retool, we’ll re-recruit, and we’ll have a good team again,” he says.

Davis says several key players like Andre Piper-Jordan won’t be back for the Danger, or any other team. The wide receiver says he’ll be retiring from professional football. McCoy says it’s too soon to count anyone out, that sometimes after a few offseason weeks to recover, players decide to come back.