Kearney's Dancing with the Stars reveals 2017 performers

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Kearney’s Dancing with the Stars kicks off their 2017 annual event at Holiday Inn Thursday night in Kearney.

Community members walked into the Ballroom looking forward to know the lucky 12 individuals who would be dancing to raise funds for this year’s cause, the Central Nebraska Veteran’s Memorial which will go up at the new veteran’s home in Kearney by 2018.

Last year the event raised $100,000 that went to different organizations in the Kearney community such as the YMCA, Jubilee Center and the Kearney Children’s Museum.

This year’s fund will be split up between the Kearney Noon Rotary, Kearney Dawn Rotary and the Central Nebraska Veteran’s Memorial.

As dancers were introduced they all showed off a little bit of what we could expect at the main event on October 21st, 2017. Judges and dance instructors were also introduced Thursday night.

The dancers for the 2017 Kearney’s Dancing with the Stars are:

Officer Dan Lynch and Betty Warren

Jon Watts and Carrie Eighmey

Mark Sutko and Marsha Wilkerson

Lt. Col. Ross Finley and Dr. Camie Rose-Lentfer

Dr. Steven Haskett and Erika Godfrey

Jonathan Nikkila and Nikki Erickson

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