Huskers Football Wrap Up Week Two

Huskers defense run sprints.

Week two of Huskers fall camp just wrapped up. Now in full pad, the team hits the play book, or as Mike Riley likes to call it, the Football Situations.

Coach Riley over seeing practice continues to monitor starting quarterback Tanner Lee working with his new receivers.

Including Todd Honas, of Aurora has seen some practices in the starting lineā€“up.

Conditioning continues into next week, where the Huskers will turn their attention to week one against Arkansas State.

"We went into the high red, the fringe part of it the plus 45 and had a real drive," Riley said. "Then with the ones we backed it back down into the thud and did some doming out some more red zone," Riley Continued.

After diving into the play book the Huskers finished off with an inner team scrimmage with the new comers.

"Did a two minute drill and then we let the young guys scrimmage for a bit to finish it up," Riley stated. "They must have got twenty plus plays in there, or something like that."

Next week the team changes gear towards getting ready for week one. The Huskers kick off their first game against Arkansas State Sep. 2nd.

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