Alissa WillardReporter

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Hailing from North Dakota, for as long as Alissa can remember she had her sights set on a career in news and journalism. Her curiosity of life, the world around her and public service are what brought her to study communications at North Dakota State University in Fargo North Dakota.

Alissa started her career at NTV back in 2012 as an editor and later as a reporter and fill-in anchor. She moved on to report for a station in Omaha for a short time, but came back to raise her family in the area since. She currently is a regular news reporter, producer for the Good Life on NTV and the booking producer for NTV at noon.

Alissa loves to be around friends and family and her daughter as much as possible. In her free time she enjoys journaling, listening to music, the outdoors and anything that gets her out in the sun during the summer. She has been a choir singer and dancer for the majority of her life and she pursed both through college.