2013 Prairie Lights Film Festival


    It may be an industry often overlooked in the state, but Nebraska has a large pool of film-making talent.

    The three-day long Prairie Lights Film Festival took place in Grand Island from November 8-10 and created the perfect opportunity for an event unlike any other the state has seen.

    Filmmakers say there really hasn't been a venue for a film festival for just Nebraska talent.

    Dorothy Booraem, writer/director from Lincoln, said, "One of the great things for an independent film maker is the opportunity to see your film on a big screen."

    "The magic of the movies is going into the theater buying your popcorn and sitting down with a big group of people," said Mathew Kister, one of the organizers of the festival and a writer/director at Dead Lantern Pictures in Lincoln.

    The event was a place for networking for many, including musicians like Jim Brodhagen of the band Bonnie Boob. "We really wanted to get involved with films and producing film score; so playing as the house band for a film festival of all independent film developers is just a really incredible thing," Brodhagen shared.

    Booraem added, "The spectrum of Nebraska film makers is very broad -- everything from documentary to horror, thriller, drama, comedy and a lot of web series."

    For more information on the Prairie Lights Film Festival, go to http://www.prairielightsfilmfest.com/.

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