A Farmer Gets a Second Chance

    A Beaver City man is farming again, something that seemed nearly impossible after a car crash four years ago left Troy Balderston unable to walk. The Nebraska Vocational rehab center worked with him, to help him find work after the crash. His longtime friend, Chris Harting gave him the chance to farm again. Balderston’s job on the farm in Norton, Kansas, is to make sure none of the cattle are sick. “I love animals, I love looking after animals every day,” said Balderston. He checks to see if the cattle are walking funny, have their heads down or if they're starting to have different eating patterns. While he works, his dog Duke helps him out. “When you have to sit at home and do absolutely nothing, it’s depressing,” said Balderston. The Nebraska VR has helped more than 1,800 disabled Nebraskans find employment in the last year.

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