Activist Group on a Mission, Travels on Foot Through Nebraska


You may have seen them walking along the highways, they're part of an activist group traveling through Nebraska on a mission to help change the world.

Roughly 35 people with The Great March for Climate Action stopped in Holdrege this week and will be continuing through Nebraska addressing what they say is the present and growing threat of climate change.

The group kicked off their travels on March 1st and have been going strong ever since.

The group holds rallies and events in towns they walk through.

Thursday in the Holdrege, they held a Climate Conversation event where issues of climate change, conservationism and other issues like the Keystone XL Pipeline were discussed.

They feel Nebraska is the perfect stop along the way.

"The Plains tends to be very much aligned with the same struggles, and kind of acknowledging that and saying 'well what's the best solution for us,'” said Jimmy Betts, a marcher with the group.

Jimmy is a native of Nebraska whose family members are ranchers in the eastern portion of the state. He says it's been nice getting back to his roots.

"We get to go through some of the small highways and then the towns in between. I haven't been back to Holdrege for a number of years and just seeing how they have maintained," said Betts.

The group walks roughly 15 to 17 miles a day, which they say has its difficult moments, especially here in Nebraska.

"We ran into some really windy and rainy weather. We have a couple of tents that got flooded out, but we're used to that by now. Most of our tents and gear is pretty waterproof but sometimes Mother Nature has other plans,” explained spokesman and marcher Jeff Czerwiec.

Marchers have come and gone along the way as eight months is a long commitment for most.

However they hope to have over 1,000 marchers by the time they reach Washington D.C. around November 1st.

To stay up to date with the marchers or to donate to their cause, go to
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