Basketball Tournament Helps Raise Awareness About Organ Donation


For the first time, this year's "Snow Jam" tournament isn't just about helping kids become better ball handlers.

It's also helping share the story of a young Kearney boy, a past tournament player who's tragic death is now helping others "Live On" through organ donation.

Twelve-year-old Cole Roseberry's memory lives on; not only at this year's tournament, but in other people, thanks to organ donation.

His family was told about the process after Cole's death and made the decision, ultimately knowing that's what he wanted.

Tournament organizers and family members say bringing awareness to organ donation is a great way to turn tragedy into something positive.

"It was a tragic loss for him, but if a few people just read his story and see it in the programs and sign up this weekend," said Assistant tournament director Lucas Mohlman, "that can make a difference in a lot of people's lives and a lot of lives down the line. So yeah, it was a bad situation and a tragic loss, but one way we can turn it into a positive."

"There's so many amazing things we can do for people," said Cole's mom Dani Roseberry. "And knowing there's so many people out there right now living a full life because of Cole is just such an amazing feeling."

The donor registry of Nebraska has a booth and information at all locations at this weekend's "Snow Jam" tournament.

REPORTER'S NOTES: If you're not in the Kearney area at this weekend's "Snow Jam" tournament, more information on organ donation can be found online at

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