Changes Ahead For Kearney Habitat's New Build Season


It's the start of a new build season for Kearney's Habitat for Humanity.

The organization kicked it off by setting the framework of their 69th house on 8th street and Avenue B.

This is the first of three homes constructed this year. The next two will be on a new plot of land at 17th and M, purchased by the organization specifically for Habitat housing..

"That's where we'll be building for several years now, and that will be, the infrastructure will go in, part of it will go in this summer yet," said Construction Superintendent Jerry Marlatt. "It's really going to be nice to have our own area so we can build one house beside the other all the way.

Habitat for Humanity crews work every Saturday throughout the summer, and volunteers are encouraged to help regardless of skill level.

REPORTER'S NOTES: Volunteer opportunities and construction site information can be found at or by visiting the Kearney Area Habitat For Humanity facebook page.

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