Climate March Urges Action Against Keystone XL


Self-proclaimed climate patriots march across Nebraska, saying climate change is a crisis that needs action.

Seven million steps -- that's how far those on the climate march estimate they'll walk on their journey from LA to DC.

The march has reached Grand Island. While they're on foot, cars drive on by.

That could be a sign people aren't interested in climate change, as long as they can drive their cars where they're going.

But the marchers think people are concerned.

Miriam Kashia of Iowa said, "We believe they care. We believe people need to be better informed about global issues and what's actually happening. We've met very few deniers. We're trying to motivate and inspire to get involved locally in their states and communities and the country."

They're holding what they call a climate conversation Wednesday evening in Grand Island at Calvary Lutheran Church.

The marchers will join Keystone XL opponents this weekend.

Their destination is a renewable energy barn built by Bold Nebraska along the proposed pipeline route.

Democratic senate nominee Dave Domina will speak, along with Jane Kleeb of Bold Nebraska. They're planning a ten mile walk Saturday in Marquette, and another walk near the barn northwest of York.

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