Conflict of Interest Debate Sparks Controversy in Hall County Supervisors Race


Accusations are flying in the race for the District Five seat on the Hall County Board of Supervisors.

Board chair Seth McFarland says he wants voters to know his opponent, Jane Jeffries Richardson, won't be able to vote when it comes to the dispersion of $300,000 of Keno dollars the county receives.

McFarland said in a press conference he called Monday that attorneys's consulted and the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission back him up.

He sent a letter to voters, which Jeffries Richardson countered with her own mailer.

"The bottom line is that my opponent would not be able to vote on anything dealing with Keno funds because of her interest in the bar her husband owns. That is not a false allegation. It is a fact," said McFarland.

Jeffries Richardson's husband owns local bars that run Keno.

She and her supporters crashed the press conference. McFarland said he asked them to leave, but they didn't.

"This is exactly the reason I'm running - petty politics and finger pointing and disagreeing and arguing has no place in county government," said Jeffries Richardson.

She said the executive director of the same commission McFarland cited told her she wouldn't have a conflict of interest when it comes to Keno fund dispersion.

However, Jeffries Richardson said the Accountability and Disclosure Commission said she may have to recuse herself from votes involving new Keno permits.
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