Danger Owner Builds on First Year Success


By Steve White swhite@nebraska.tv

There's no place like Nebraska for football, something the Danger learned last year with the best fan base in the indoor game. So year number two brings big expectations.

A strong crowd welcomed the Danger back to the Heartland Events Center on Sunday.

Owner Charlie Bosselman and General Manager Mike McCoy think they've made great strides from last year.

Bosselman said, "We're a lot more prepared this year. Last year we only had a few weeks to pull this off, this year we had a whole off season, really polished our show presentation, coaching staff, players, everything."

They say ticket sales run strong and so do sponsorships.

But the family behind the successful Pump and Pantry stores say this is about football and family fun, not finances.

Charlie Bosselman said, "We never went into this for business aspect of it, but we've got a lot of support from fans, business community, it's just an outlet for us to get involved."

Bosselman says he's not surprised to see the way central Nebraska has embraced the team. Now he hopes for a winning performance on the field.

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